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Black Forest Cake

Delicious and quick cake to fix sweet craving.

  • Prep time:
  • 10 min
  • cook time:
  • NA
  • serves:
  • 4

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Level : Moderate

Cuisine : German

Course : Dessert

Recipe Collection : NA


Ingredients For Black Forest Cake

  • 1. Take a medium size bowl and add whipping cream in it.
  • 2. Take a hand mixer and whisk whipping cream till it get stiff peaks. Meanwhile take a sauce pan and put it on a medium flame.
  • 3. Add water in pan and boil. Now take a chocolate sponge and cut into two equal pieces.
  • 4. Put one piece of cake on cake stand and put some whipped cream on it.
  • 5. Take a palate knife and spread cream all over the base.
  • 6. Now take second base and put on it and put some whipped cream on it.
  • 7. Take a palate knife and spread the cream all over the base.
  • 8. First put palate knife in hot water then spread whipped cream. Continue the same process until it get a smooth texture.
  • 9. Now take grated chocolate and spread all around the cake and put cherries on sides.
  • 10. Black forest cake is ready to serve.

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